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We focus on the key areas of decision-making, communication, organisational safety culture and human factors.

Skilful Decisions will provide you with lessons to improve your professional skills, enhance how you interact with your team, and guide you to grow your organisation’s safety culture.

Skilful Decisions also offers expert consultancy in the field of human factors. Human factors endeavors to understand the human condition – understanding why people do what they do, why errors and mistakes occur, and how to prevent or overcome these.


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Human failures are universal and inevitable. However human failures are not random. Evaluating and managing influencing factors is key to improving human reliability.


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Skilful Decision’s Natalee Johnston was the Royal Australian Navy’s first female pilot. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Natalee was tested and stretched to make difficult decisions, many of which impacted the lives of others.

Additional roles within the navy as an operations officer, commander, and respected leader only lead to expand Natalee’s knowledge and experience.

Natalee has a unique story that adds an extra element to her passionate and engaging presentation style.

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An article was written in 2020 as a response to a viral tweet about the “theory of the shopping trolley”. The initial tweet (or what ever we call it these days) considered that you can determine a persons “goodness” or “moral character” if they do or do not return shopping trolleys (carts) to the rightful place in the store or carpark.
Influencing culture and promoting diversity can be as simple as changing the language we use. Switching from saying "Can't be what you can't see" to "if you can't see it, be it" can make all the difference, to encourage someone to be the first, promote inclusivity is the responsibility of us all.
Perception is everything. Understanding that people perceive differently due to culture, gender, environment and context among others is a crucial element of effective communication.
Looking at decision making through the lens of risk management can provide significant benefits. Understanding risk management principles can not only assist in making tough business decisions but also life decisions.

Natalee provided the keynote address at the 28th National Safety Awards of Excellence Gala Luncheon and she was absolutely amazing! We received so much positive feedback including that she was the best keynote the awards luncheon had ever had. I would highly recommend Natalee for any event as she is an engaging speaker that creates a bond with those in the room. In fact, we have invited her back to present at the APOSHO 36 conference.

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