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Understanding the how and why behind decision-making enables you and your team to have the confidence to make better decisions, be more decisive and increase team trust. It can aid in the identification of poor decisions and enable the courage to correct them. Being a skilful decision-maker can empower you, enhance your team and the organisation.

Make your decisions with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility.

Skilful Decisions helps participants develop into skilful decision makers; by creating a safe space to challenge your understanding of how and why we make decisions, and providing the tools to recognise when a decision is not ideal.

For my first Newsletter, I wanted to give you some background on me.
For my first Newsletter, I wanted to give you some background on me.



Decision-making Workshop

We make thousands of decisions each day, some are insignificant that take little to no time or attention, some are huge and could impact our life for years to come. Understanding how we make decisions and what influences us both internally and externally can provide clarity, and increase effectiveness of our decisions. The workshop guides you through the influences and tools to address. Awareness of those influences can make a significant difference in what you decide and when you make the decision.

Presented to Equifax

Overcoming Challenges

Natalee shares her personal journey, from a farm in Western Australia to the Royal Australian Navy’s first female pilot and a career of firsts that followed. Being in such a male dominated environment and the only female pilot in the Navy for her first 8 years Natalee experienced many challenges. She overcome her own internal doubts, others bias’ and attitudes that said she didn’t belong, to eventually gain her own confidence and the respect of those around her. Natalee shares the importance of having a support network and letting them help you succeed.