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Delve into our knowledge base to read observations on decision-making, communication and the importance of organisational safety culture, the good and bad...

Skilful Decision’s Natalee Johnston shares her thoughts on the importance of understanding the power and influence an organisation’s culture has on its people, their safety and ultimately its success.

An article was written in 2020 as a response to a viral tweet about the “theory of the shopping trolley”. The initial tweet (or what ever we call it these days) considered that you can determine a persons “goodness” or “moral character” if they do or do not return shopping trolleys (carts) to the rightful place in the store or carpark.
Influencing culture and promoting diversity can be as simple as changing the language we use. Switching from saying "Can't be what you can't see" to "if you can't see it, be it" can make all the difference, to encourage someone to be the first, promote inclusivity is the responsibility of us all.
Perception is everything. Understanding that people perceive differently due to culture, gender, environment and context among others is a crucial element of effective communication.
Looking at decision making through the lens of risk management can provide significant benefits. Understanding risk management principles can not only assist in making tough business decisions but also life decisions.